Your Easy Guide For Buying The First Road Legal Quad Bike!

Finally, you have decided to buy your first all-terrain vehicle, also known as quad bikes. Going by the definition of ATVs by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), it is a vehicle that uses low-pressure tires, has one seat for the operator with handlebars meant for steering control. By now, you probably know all of that, but what you should also know is the fact you cannot buy quad bikes and get on the streets just like that. While there are rules in place, but many auto enthusiasts still prefer to own one. Before you look for quad bikes on sale, here’s what you need to know.

Find a good dealer

Your first task is to find suppliers of road legal quad bikes in your region. Some of the best-known suppliers and dealers stock both new and used ATVs on sale, and you can choose between brands. Yamaha is easily the most-trusted and popular sellers of quad bikes, which are road legal, as well. Keep in mind that there are quad bikes for adults and kids, so make sure that you find a dealer who can arrange a vehicle that fits your needs.

Used vs. new

It is a matter of budget like in case of most products. ATVs or quad bikes are meant to work extensively in all terrain conditions, so if you are buying a used vehicle, it makes sense that you check everything. For road legal quad, ask your dealer to offer the log book. If parts of the vehicle have been changed and refurbished, the same should be mentioned in detail. Some dealers have a full workshop onsite, which ensures that the bikes are checked completely before being sold. New quad bikes, obviously, have a few advantages, such as brand backing. In case of new quads, you may want to check manufacturer’s warranty among other things. Buying from brand like Yamaha always ensures that you are getting best value for your money.

It is possible to get financing help for your quad bike, and some dealers already have financial plans and options that you can choose from. The good thing is you can apply online for quad bike finance and understand if you can qualify for the loan. Usually, financing is not available for Kids Quads. If you are buying a used road legal quad bike from a dealer, make sure that they can help with servicing and repairs.

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