What Should I Do Immediately After My Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a crash or vehicle collision, there are several important steps you should take to protect yourself and your legal rights. Preparation is key in helping you to make a claim against a liable driver and to protect yourself if the other driver falsely blames you for the crash. Above all else, it is crucial to contact the best car accident attorneys to assist you in filing claims and getting enough compensation for damages and losses incurred. In addition, it is very important to keep in mind the following advice after you have been in a serious car accident.

Call the police
You should call the police immediately if you can. The police report will assist you to file a claim against the liable parties or your insurance company. You should tell the investigating officer everything that happened. However, do not admit to fault. Sometimes the pain of collision occurs hours after the impact. The vehicles should remain where the crash has occurred unless they are interfering with traffic or pose a danger to people.

Take pictures
Gather evidence of the crash by taking pictures or videos using a camera or phone. You should take pictures of the damaged car and the scene.

Collect the relevant information
You should collect information from the witnesses and drivers involved in the crash. Such information should include the full names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the witnesses, passengers, and drivers involved. You can record other important information such as the number plates, insurance companies, the make and model of the cars involved, and the accounts of the witnesses.

Notify your insurance company
Many insurance companies have policies that require the clients to report immediately after an accident occurs. You should consult your lawyer before contacting the insurance companies.

Seek medical help
Some injuries caused by crashes are not visible. Some people can feel pain a few hours after the crash. Moreover, internal injuries and bleeding can be easily spotted by trained medical professionals using advanced medical equipment. Therefore, you should immediately seek medical assistance in a hospital.

Don’t accept settlements on the spot
Some liable drivers may be eager to pay you on the spot and get it over with. However, you should not accept quick cash because you may not be able to immediately assess the full extent of damage on the vehicles or passengers. For instance, it may take some days to discover your trunk cannot remain shut or a full medical check-up to discover internal injuries. If you accept cash on the spot, you may not get enough to cater for all the damages, medical bills, and pain and suffering you may undergo later on.

After a vehicle crash, you should assess yourself for injuries. If you have sustained minor injuries, you can call the police and take pictures of the scene and damaged vehicles. You should also collect information from witnesses and drivers involved in the crash and seek medical assistance from a hospital. You should also consult a lawyer to protect your legal rights and ensure that no valuable evidence is destroyed. For fair compensation after a tragic and unexpected crash, seek help from qualified attorneys.

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