What is Snow Foam & Why Should You Use it On Your Car?

If you want to achieve an even better finish and shine when cleaning and detailing your car, adding a snow foam product to your car cleaning kit might just be the thing you’re looking for. You’ve probably seen pictures proudly posted across social media of cars clad in thick layers of foam, but you might not be clued in to what it actually does and how to use it. This article will go over what foaming products are and why you should consider using one on your vehicle.

What is Snow Foam?

Foam products are an often misunderstood part of the car detailing process. Snow foam is a car washing detergent specifically for application on the exterior of vehicles. The consistency of this foam product is considerably thicker than other soaps used on vehicles. When applied correctly, it gives the vehicle the appearance of being covered in a thick blanket of “snow”, hence its name.

What Does It Do?

Foaming products are generally used as a pre-wash treatment before proceeding to wash the vehicle with a wash mitt. Snow foam in particular is noted for its ability to loosen any stubborn grime and dirt that has accumulated on your vehicle’s surface. Once the foam dissolves, it releases the grime and particles that have bonded to the paint’s surface. Foaming products have also been found to dramatically reduce swirl marks and micro scratches that can occur during the washing and detailing process.

Why Should I Use It?

For some, the application of pre-wash treatments may seem excessive, however the entire premise behind snow foam is to achieve a safer and more effective car wash result. Trying to remove contaminants by hand that have bonded and settled on the vehicle’s surface can lead to you using excessive force or more aggressive cleaning methods that can end up damaging your car’s paint. You should consider using foaming products if you’re looking for a safe and easy way to soften contaminants on your vehicle’s surface and achieve a more effective and swirl-free car wash.

Are Any Special Accessories Needed?

If you already possess a pressure gun, the only other things you’ll need are a snow foam lance and the foaming solution itself. A lance consists of a nozzle, brass body and a bottle that holds the foaming solution. The lance will push the water from the pressure gun through the foaming solution, thus generating the thick foam to be applied to your vehicle. Foaming lances are relatively inexpensive, and you can usually buy lances that are bundled with snow foam products.

What to be Aware of When Using Foam

When applying snow foam to your vehicle, you should pay special attention to its overall consistency. You may need to adjust the solution to water ratio in order to achieve the right consistency for your vehicle. Generally, the foam should be thick enough to adhere to the surface of your vehicle, but not so thick that it doesn’t run off. Mixing ratio recommendations can often be found printed on the foam solution bottle. You should also never allow foam to completely dry on your vehicle.

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