MOT Test: All you Need to Know

In the United Kingdom, every motor vehicle older than three years must pass an annual MOT test, which is designed to test the vehicle’s roadworthiness. The test must be carried out by an approved MOT test facility, and prior to booking your car in for the MOT test, here are a few aspects you should check on your vehicle.

  1. Lights – This includes headlights, rear and brake lights, indicators, reversing lights and also the small bulbs that illuminate the rear registration plate. Bulbs that no longer work need to be replaced, and by carrying out a vehicle MOT check in Leeds, your car will be ready to pass the annual inspection.
  2. Windshield – The windshield is checked for cracks and splits, while the wiper blades should not be perished, plus there must be water in the washer bottle.

  1. Brakes – The car will be put onto a rolling road and the brakes tested for efficiency, so it is a good idea to check that your brake pads still have some life left in them. The handbrake is tested for correct tension, so include that in your pre-MOT check.

  1. Seat Belts – Seat belts are inspected to ensure that the webbing is not compromised, plus the inertial lock needs to be in good working order.

  1. Full Bodywork Inspection – Your car will be checked thoroughly for signs of rust and any sharp edges that might be a danger to pedestrians. Excessive rust under the wheel arches would result in a failure, so if your car has rust, have it filled and repainted prior to booking the MOT test.

    It makes sense to put your car through a pre-MOT inspection, which will highlight any issues that can be addressed before the test.

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